Anonymous asked:

I have just moved from Sault Ste. Marie, and I am looking to start showcasing my original folk material. What channels must I go through to have my music heard by True North?

Good morning! We have contact information for all of our staff on our website (direct link here), would you mind sending an email to get in touch with our A&R man John Fielding? It’s as simple as that!

asoulrendered asked:

Hehe.. I just noticed you liking my Bruce, Stan and Gowan posts.. Thank you. I'm a huge fan of all three. I hope it's ok to share them off of Youtube. Take care and thank you for all the wonderful Canadian music! Bob from Ottawa

Thank you, Bob! We in the office feel like the lucky ones, we get to work with these artists and albums on a daily basis. And we do like finding people who like our artists — show us a fan of Bruce Cockburn, Stan Rogers and Gowan and we’ll show you someone with excellent taste in music. Share away, and happy new year!

johnnyrubadub asked:

Hi there. I grew up listening to a Murray McLauchlan record called "Heroes." I have been wondering if you know whether that album will ever be re-released as a cd or even just in digital format on itunes. I've seen vinyls for sale here and there, but I don't have a record player. That album was a favourite of mine growing up, and I'd love to be able to hear it in its entirety again.

Hi there, thanks for your question. Murray’s Heroes is one album on our to–do list; we’re working on getting this and a number of other old albums available once again from old masters, a process that occasional takes a while.

We’re working on getting quality files made from old masters so that hopefully it sounds just like you remember. We’re sorry you’ve had to wait so long, but please stay in touch — we won’t keep you waiting a second longer than necessary. Happy Halloween!

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